1. Why won’t your 5.9L Cummins product fit my ’94-’98 truck that has a hydro-brake booster?

Answer. Our product was designed for the 3rd Generation 5.9L trucks then we retrofitted it back to earlier models. In the case of the 12 valve, it will fit most of them, but we found that some have a hydro-brake booster (see picture). The reservoir on that booster sticks too far out from the firewall and our intake, which doesn't’t take a hard angle like the OEM part, runs right into that reservoir. Unfortunately there is no easy fix or known modification to allow our part to miss that reservoir. Sorry!


2. Why is your 6.0L Powerstoke classified as “off-road use only” on the 2004 model?

Answer. The 2003 model was built with an inert spacer between the intake manifold and the engine; there may be
wires running to that spacer, but they are not live (hence, it can be removed without any problems). In the 2004
model, an active butterfly valve was placed within that spacer for exhaust gas recirculation purposes (see picture).
While that spacer with the butterfly valve can be removed on the ’04 model, if you do so, you are modifying your
EGR system and thereby possibly circumventing state or federal rules regarding emissions. Hence, for the 2004
model, our 6.0L intakes can only be used for off-road purposes.

If you do choose to use our part for off-road use only, removing the spacer and butterfly valve will cause your truck
to throw a cell. However, in most cases, it will not turn on your check-engine light. Please call us if you have a
question regarding your particular ’04 truck.

We should note that that entire spacer, including the butterfly valve, was removed beginning with the 2005 models
and was not present on the 2006 or 2007 models.Hence, since there is no spacer to remove, our 6.0L products will
bolt right onto your ’05-’07 model for a quick and easy installation.


3. Why won’t your 7.3L Powerstroke product fit my early ’99 truck?

Answer.Ford 7.3L’s built before December 7, 1998, had a smaller turbo as well as smaller intake plenums. Our product was designed to fit perfectly in the ‘99.5 –’03 models with the larger turbo and 3” plenums. Unfortunately any type of retrofit back to the early ’99 model is not available at this time. Sorry!



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