1. How much Horse Power increase will I get by installing the CFM+ intake?

Answer. Well unlike many other aftermarket performance parts companies we won't tell you what you want to hear. Instead we like to stick to the facts, and the facts are this, HP is a result of air and fuel mixture and how much of those two you have is different for every truck. There are many tuner, turbo, exhaust, intercooler, combinations that make it unrealistic to give out hard HP numbers. However a 5-7% increase could easily be expected with that based upon feedback and the results from an independent dyno test found here which actually showed an increase of 57 hp.

What we can tell you is for sure is that we can provide more air and cooler air than anyone else and that gives you a lot more freedom to be creative with your tuner/ exhaust setups. And those thing along with our Ultimate Intake Manifold will give you the ability to not only increase your horsepower but also lower EGT’s and even save fuel.


2. How much lower can I expect my exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s) to get?

Answer. As mentioned in the HP question due to the number of combinations and the make/model of your truck and
what you may be doing with it on any given day there really is no exact number to give. However based on testing
with a stock truck and feedback from customers you can expect a 50-75 degree F drop and we have even had reports
of up to a 100 degree F temperature drop.


3. So I can expect to save fuel and get more performance?

Answer. Yes, the performance benefits and fuel savings are a direct result of the added air flow and the cooler air flow. The fuel savings is a result of the engine working more efficiently and cooler. With this in mind you could expect typical savings between 5-7% with reports of up to 10%.


4. Will my turbo spool faster?

Answer. Any time you are freeing up the flow of air in your system you will see the benefit of reduced turbo lag.
This means more rapid acceleration for you when you need it while towing or simply getting off the line quicker.


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