All CFM Plus intakes are designed using proven engineering
principles and the results are confirmed with bench flow testing. This model intake manifold system provides you with about 15% more air flow than the stock system.

As you compare the images of the stock system versus the
CFM Plus system you will notice that the on the stock part both the elbow that attaches to the turbo and the inlet portion that attaches to engine have sharp corners for the bend areas. These sharp bends that you see on the outside translates to sharp bends and edges in the air flow path on this inside. This causes reduced flow and turbulence. This is typical of stock intakes as they are not designed for maximum air flow or performance.

The CFM Plus 7.3L Intake Manifold System is the world’s first
aftermarket intake manifold system for the 7.3L Powerstroke.
Quality Performance and Economy is built into every part.
See the technology page for more information and benefits.



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