All CFM Plus intakes are designed using proven engineering principles and
the results are confirmed with bench flow testing. As you can see in the
comparison image the stock intake with its sharp bend in the air flow path
causes reduced flow and turbulence. This is typical of stock intakes as
they are not designed for maximum air flow or performance.

Our SmallMouth model is specifically designed with a smooth bend to
increase the cfm of air flow and eliminate turbulence in the air flow.Our
Smallmouth model delivers more than 40% more air flow than the stock
intake manifold to your diesel engine. More air means better economy,
more power, lower EGT’s better throttle response and less work for your turbo.


Using the same patented manufacturing technology as all of our CFM Plus intakes this model is produced as a single piece hollow structure with a smooth air flow path and a sweeping bend versus a sharp bend.

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