Available in 6 colors and in a complete kit with bent steel 3 1/2” diameter
pipe, hoses clamps, and all that you need for a complete install. Also available with 3 ports drilled and tapped with pre-installed plugs.
* Kit needs to be purchased if you dont currently use a 3 1/2” diameter pipe.

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Our CFM Plus Intake Manifolds offer you the highest and coolest airflow for your diesel engine. The internal flow path is designed to eliminate all obstructions and provide you with more than 40% air flow increase over stock. __ Learn More



We use only the best highly engineered composite material to produce all of our intake manifolds. This material is able to handle temperatures up to 400° F and also insulates your air flow from under the hood engine heat. __Learn More



Currently offering 6 different surface colors with the same quality composite material. __See colors



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