CFM Plus intakes are the most advanced aftermarket intake manifold
produced in the world! Using our patented state of the art technology
combined with superior engineered composite materials we are able
to produce an intake manifolds with unique benefits.

Our unique and patented manufacturing technology produces a single
piece hollow structure with a smooth unrestricted airflow path. The
advanced engineered composite material allows for our intakes to be
structurally strong and able to handle the durability requirements
of your diesel engine. And as equally important, the composite material
keeps your cooled intercooler air cool by insulating it from under the
hood engine heat.

Diesel engines thrive on cooler air and only our intakes can deliver it!
By using the high temperature composite material our CFM Plus intakes
act as an insulator from under the hood and engine heat. A cast
aluminum intake acts as a conductor and transfers heat into the
air flow at a rate of 900 times greater than our composite material.

More info on our "Composite" material.

Highly engineered composite
material not cast aluminum
Single piece flange area
construction eliminate any
leakage problems that other
products may have due to a
multiple piece construction.

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