CFM+ intakes are designed using proven engineering principles and the
results are confirmed with bench flow testing. As you can see in the picture the stock intake pinches off or restricts the air flow at the mounting bolt location. This is typical of stock intakes as they are not designed for
maximum air flow.
The primary function of an aftermarket intake manifold is to flow more air
to the engine.Our CFM+ intakes flow at a rate more than 40% higher than
stock and between 15% and 25% higher than competitive aftermarket
intake manifolds. The chart shows the results from bench flow testing using our Cummins 5.9L intake versus stock and competitive aftermarket
products.More air means better economy, more power, lower EGT’s better
throttle response and less work for your turbo.
Competitive products, as shown attempt to reduce restrictions by
creating an oversized center section. While this may look impressive, in the case of air flow, bigger is not always better. The increased sized of the flowpath actually slows the air flow resulting in pressure drop and significant pumping losses.

Our patented manufacturing technology allows us to produce a single piece hollow structure that is engineered to maximize air flow and eliminate any restrictions.
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